50 things happening right now, this very instant, as we speak

Lying in bed tonight, staring up at this ceiling, no sound save a cat outside my window making love to a opossum in the bushes, my mind sparks with all of the various variations of life. So many people in this world. So many people doing so many different things. And what amazes me most is that everything is happening this very instant. For only space separates us; in time we hurtle through the void together.

As the cat quiets down, the opossum having had his way, I let loose my mind to roam, peeking into windows and wandering door to door. This is what I imagine to be happening right now somewhere in our world:

  1. A withered man in a hospital bed is drawing his last breath as the people he’s leaving behind gather over him, their fingertips pressing gently into his frail legs.
  2. A baby is drawing her first breath as a doctor wipes his sweaty brow and a new mother falls back exhausted against the hospital bed.
  3. At least 1,000 people are taking a shit, ranging from a fat, sweaty man dropping dainty deer pellets into a pristine porcelain bowl to a beautiful woman pouring forth liquid fire from an angry rectum into a dank hole in the ground.
  4. A catheter is being inserted into an unfortunate urethra.
  5. A million people are sitting on subways staring idly at their smart phones.
  6. Someone is masturbating in the bathroom at work (it could be you!).
  7. A man is beating the shit out of another man for some perceived slight.
  8. An old woman and her daughter share a laugh over a steaming cup of coffee.
  9. Someone has just vomited a little in their mouth and swallowed it.
  10. Tears of joy, heartbreak, belief, despair, and ecstasy are being shed.
  11. Every major god is being prayed to.
  12. A person has just crested a mountain and is struck by the awe-inspiring view as he munches on a sandwich.
  13. A driver hurtles across the desert listening to morning talk radio, the newly-risen sun his only companion.
  14. Hundreds of people lie awake with me, shooting their thoughts off into the night.
  15. An obese man chastises himself for the food he can’t stop shoveling in, waging war once again with his guilt.
  16. A bulimic girl does the same, comforted by the thought of the toilet and toothbrush nearby.
  17. As does a bulimic boy.
  18. A dangerous animal is mauling someone, his sharp teeth piercing flesh.
  19. A dangerous animal snuggles up to someone, gruffling with affection.
  20. Someone is stuck listening to a boring story they’ve heard too many times before from someone who is lonely and doesn’t realize they talk too much.
  21. Someone who has just snapped at their elderly parent is trying to allay their guilt with reason, promising themselves to do better next time.
  22. A man pounds a steering column in his car, angrily cursing at the bland faces surrounding him in midday traffic.
  23. A person in the car next to him sings along to Taylor Swift.
  24. A knife misses a vegetable and instead bites deep into a finger.
  25. An awkward couple is having sex for the first time.
  26. A couple is having awkward sex for the 100th time.
  27. A spouse sits at work while his significant other cheats, the spouse none the wiser.
  28. A group of children, some begrudgingly, are singing happy birthday to another child.
  29. Two people who have not seen each other in a long time clink their drinks together and toast their long-awaited rendezvous.
  30. Someone is being shot at.
  31. Someone is shooting at that person.
  32. A customer service representative is being bitched at by an entitled “adult”.
  33. A wisp of a human is mainlining in a public bathroom as someone who is about to pee themselves paces outside the door.
  34. A boy is peeking around a corner between classes, working up the courage to ask out that girl.
  35. That girl has just said yes.
  36. A group of scientists huddle in tents, the night sounds of the jungle blotting out their thoughts.
  37. 800 soccer goals have just been scored, and 800 shirts have just come off.
  38. A man pets his dog and is reminded of his childhood and wonders how his best friend is doing.
  39. A woman remembers her mother and is struck by regret for the time she’ll never get back.
  40. Someone is being raped, though they won’t ever tell.
  41. A million “I love you’s” are leaving lips and reaching ears.
  42. A kid is cheating on a test, obviously.
  43. A man is adrift in a lifeboat, wondering if starvation or the sun will get him first.
  44. A gay man debates coming out to his family, afraid they won’t understand.
  45. Thousands are confusing words of hate with words of love..
  46. Someone just told a knee-slapper of a joke.
  47. A boy turns the last page of a book and sets it down calmly, his mind abuzz, the course of his life forever altered.
  48. …and down a cliff someone tumbles.
  49. A grandmother holds her grandchild, giggling and cooing as her wrinkled hands caress that baby’s adorable belly, the past and the future sutured together.
  50. A man sits at a computer in the middle of the night, typing up some nonsense blog post, wondering if anyone will read it.

….and on and on and on. How endless! How incredible! How terrible and sad and wonderful and unique!

Drifting off alone in my room, I pull the blankets tight around my shoulders and wiggle my toes. Goodnight, beautiful world!

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